Saving a Lot of Money with HVAC Maintenance in the Long Run

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Did you know that HVAC maintenance from Pasterkamp is a good way to save a considerable amount of money? Your HVAC is one of the biggest consumers in your home, and the amount of electricity and/or fuel it uses can amass to a small fortune over the course of a few years.


Depending on the size of your home and the age and proper operation of your HVAC system, you’ll find that a simple maintenance checklist will help a great deal to ensure that your HVAC doesn’t use up too many of your financial resources over time.


The first thing to do is consider a maintenance and inspection of your HVAC at least twice every year: once before the winter season hits and once before summer, when your cooling system will need a quick check and tune-up. In most cases, you’ll find that cleaning the vents and replacing the filters will be enough, but sometimes you’ll need the opinion of an expert to make sure the system doesn’t leak gas or that none of its important functional parts are malfunctioning or deteriorated.


By simply being careful and applying these few preventive maintenance tasks, you can reduce the strain that external stressors might place on your HVAC, increase its life span and prevent it from using too much power.

What Is the Actual Lifespan of an AC System?

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Technologies come and go, but some machines continue to last throughout the changes and operate just fine. AC units, like refrigerators and washing machines, are among these units, and you’ll find some AC systems can actually last for a pretty long time, so long as they are properly maintained.


The basic idea behind AC is that a refrigeration unit pumps cold air into the environment, leading the system to change the temperature in the room. This system usually operates similarly to any refrigeration system, and will therefore have a similar lifespan.


The average life of an AC unit is about 15 to 20 years, although there is no rule that says a unit can’t last less or longer. The main issue is maintenance and the overall durability and quality of the installation. A system that was installed properly is more likely to have a longer lifespan than one that wasn’t.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that some brands have longer support for old units, compared to others, which emphasize innovative systems and encourage their clients to get rid of older ones. That tactic is typically a marketing campaign designed to promote new products through changing manufacturing standards imposed by the manufacturer. So, it’s a good idea to check what the manufacturer’s policy is regarding the repair and restoration of older models, before you consider buying a new one.  Enlist the help of a Denver HVAC system professional for best results.

Does Duct Cleaning Really Improve Your HVAC Unit’s Functionality?

Air Ducts Cleaning Important Help HVAC

There is a lot of talk about cleaning air filters and ducts in order to improve the functionality of a basic HVAC. Even experts will tell you that this is a necessity, since sometimes the ventilation system can become clogged and lead to poor ventilation and less efficient function. But why would the HVAC be affected by this?


The answer is that any HVAC unit operates based on a thermostat, which basically determines what temperature the heating system should aim for. The device tells the HVAC whether or not it should keep pumping hot or cold air in order to adjust the temperature further. If the ventilation ducts are not properly cleaned from time to time, the air flow will be impaired, and the thermostat will naturally fail to register the temperature it otherwise would, since the heat isn’t transferred efficiently enough. The result will be that your HVAC has to work harder, and ultimately it will use up more energy and require more repairs.


The simple solution is to clean the ducts periodically to avoid clogging and maintain the unit’s functionality at an optimal level. Then the thermostat will eventually turn off your HVAC, when the temperature has reached an ideal level and your room is cool/warm enough.  For repairs on HVAC systems call on licensed technicians with Https://

Does Location Really Matter When Installing an HVAC System?

Installing ventillation air conditioning systems

When it comes to HVAC systems, location can be a big part of whether or not your system operates properly. Selecting the wrong place can lead to your HVAC being affected by environmental stressors such as excess humidity and wide temperature fluctuations. The worst case scenario would be that your HVAC ends up using an insane amount of energy to generate or extract heat, and that its lifespan will be significantly shorter than advertised.


Most qualified air conditioner Denver experts will tell you that the key is to choose a stable location that is somewhat centralized or insulated. This works in your favor, since the temperature in such an area can be kept fairly constant, so the HVAC system will not have to work overtime to generate the required amount of heat.


Another important requirement is good ventilation. Since some HVACs generate a lot of heat, you will want to avoid places where condensation and excess humidity will be a problem. For that purpose, you’ll also want your unit to be at least 3-4 feet away  from any obstructions.


Finally, there is one more important requirement to keep track of when you’re thinking of having a new HVAC unit installed: put it at a safe distance away from other HVACs. The reason for this is airflow. If two or more condensers are too close to each other, they will end up hindering each other’s ability for energy efficiency.

How To Find The Right HVAC Company

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The most expensive system in a home is the HVAC system. Because of that, it is essential to maintain it in a good-working state. In spite of the fact that it may often seem easy to check thermostats and change filters, it is more advisable to look for more specialized help. For instance, when an emergency appears, you may not know how to determine the exact problem and how to fix things with your HVAC system.

The first thing to do is identify a reliable company. This can be done by checking with Better Business Bureau, the state’s board of builders or contractors, to see about the company’s reputation. If there are many complaints, then it would be best to look further.

Professional standards are other clear indicators of a HVAC company’s performance. For instance, if they treat customers with courtesy, politeness and promptness, then perhaps, in case of need, this would be the exact way they would try and solve your problem.

At the same time, a good HVAC Denver CO company should be honest about describing the problems you may have with your HVAC system, without using professional jargon and without giving you excessive information. Instead, it should be able to make proper estimations and come with best solutions.


Spring Cleaning Your HVAC

Spring cleaning ahead fresh air HVAC cleaning

When spring pops in, cleaning your HVAC system should definitely be on top of your checklist. This can be particularly helpful in preventing unpleasant incidents when the summer hot is on.

The outdoor condenser should be checked first. A clogged or dirty condenser implies a poor performance of the whole system, therefore it is very useful to see if there are any leaves or sticks that got inside and influence the well-functioning of your HVAC. The fins should be vacuumed with a soft brush. At the same time, it is useful to cut any grass around the unit and to remove any kind of debris in the area.

The return air vents should also be clean. This can be done with the help of a vacuum-cleaner, and a cloth for the more difficult spots. Changing your furnace filter can be another important episode of your spring cleaning operation for your HVAC. A dirty filter does not work properly, and therefore can be dangerous.

Scheduling for a Denver HVAC professional team check is a very good idea. With the help of professionals, you can get your HVAC in the best possible shape, and thus increase the durability and overall performance of your HVAC system.

Controlling Your Home’s Temperature From Your Phone

Home Temperature Smart Installations Pasterkamp

If you are up to date with the latest news in the field of information technology, you already know that we now have a lot of smartphone applications designed to make our lives easier and safer.

The concept of Internet of Things (interconnecting and controlling objects with the help of mobile applications) is behind the possibility to check and control, on your smart phone, the surveillance system of your home, schedule various household appliances to turn on/ off remotely, and “dictate” to the house what to do so that you can enjoy the level of comfort you need.

Currently, many furnaces have applications that allow you to schedule turning on the heating system for the rooms and the water, right when you need it (e.g. before you return home from work). You can even set a different temperature in each room, depending on how much you use them. All you need is staying connected to the Internet.

By using your phone to control your home`s temperature, comfort is taken to the next level, while energy consumption lowers down. These applications actually interact with the smart thermostat of the furnace that turns your smartphone into a remote control and allows you to easily control the heating system – wherever you are.  The professionals at Pasterkamp can install updated smart technology in your home and get you up to date.


How To Budget And Plan For A New HVAC System

A HVAC system that is close to reaching the end of its lifespan is not so efficient anymore and requires frequent repairs. These are the most common indicators that you will have to replace it soon and therefore that it is time to budget for a new system and make an installation plan.

The new HVAC system has to be right for the size of your home as well as for the condition of your ductwork.

Do not do these estimations yourself! Contact a certified HVAC technician to analyze the particularities of your home as well as your heating ventilating and air conditioning needs. This way, you will get  correct recommendations about the system you need.

Before you replace your old system, you must also  have the ductwork checked, to ensure that they will not negatively impact the new system`s performance. Problems must be fixed, so make sure you consider them in the budget you plan for Denver furnace repair and your entire HVAC system replacement project.

You may also want to invest in  higher overall system operating efficiency. Maybe your old HVAC system was one of the best options more than a decade ago, when you bought it, but in the meantime, new and improved products appeared on the market and it is not a bad idea to take a closer look at some of them, considering that higher operating efficiency will translate into lower energy costs for you.


Are Room Heaters Safe?

Temporary Room Heater Ask HVAC Contractor If Safe

Room heaters are great solutions to heat a space quickly, which makes them great to enhance the heating function of  a HVAC system and even replace it, if needed. These appliances still have a bad reputation, because in the past, they used to be considered unsafe and they must not be left unattended.

Although leaving a home appliance turned on when you are not home is still a bad idea, there are certified modern room heaters designed to be safe. They have safety features such as automatic shutoff, adjustable thermostat, timer and tip over protection. However, you should also follow some common sense rules to be safe, like keeping the heater on safe and inflammable surface, away from flammable materials and installing a  smoke detector in your home. Additionally, you should use a grounded outlet and not use the heater to dry your clothes This way, your room heater will be safe even if you leave it on all night to stay warm. Ensure that the plug is safely connected and does not come lose.

Modern space heaters are not just safer to use than old models; they also incorporate new technologies that make them more energy efficient.  At best, the services of an HVAC Contractor Denver supplies should be requested to maintain your space with the right heating.


How Many Air Vents Should You Have Per Room?

How Many Heater And Air Vents HVAC Company

A HVAC system requires an adequate number of air vents to be efficient. The number of vents generally depends on the square footage of each room; typically a room larger than 100 sq. ft.  requires an additional vent. However, an air conditioning technician is the only one able to make the right estimates.

It is particularly important to talk about this aspect before installing the system. Installing additional vents is expensive and you must know what to expect. The technician will use tape measure, a calculator, as well as a pencil and paper and estimate accurately the required air exchange per hour, for each room. For this, they will do a cubic footage of the room and divide it by four, then make the calculations for the equivalent duct size.

The position of the air vents also matters; they can be in the ceiling, floor or walls. Consider placing them high because vents cut in the floor have drawbacks and are actually specific mostly to old homes, Furniture, as well as toys and other things may block  floor vents. Besides, moisture can find its way in very easily, resulting mold and air restrictions.

For a great HVAC technician, look to a local company such as