How Many Air Vents Should You Have Per Room?

How Many Heater And Air Vents HVAC Company

A HVAC system requires an adequate number of air vents to be efficient. The number of vents generally depends on the square footage of each room; typically a room larger than 100 sq. ft.  requires an additional vent. However, an air conditioning technician is the only one able to make the right estimates.

It is particularly important to talk about this aspect before installing the system. Installing additional vents is expensive and you must know what to expect. The technician will use tape measure, a calculator, as well as a pencil and paper and estimate accurately the required air exchange per hour, for each room. For this, they will do a cubic footage of the room and divide it by four, then make the calculations for the equivalent duct size.

The position of the air vents also matters; they can be in the ceiling, floor or walls. Consider placing them high because vents cut in the floor have drawbacks and are actually specific mostly to old homes, Furniture, as well as toys and other things may block  floor vents. Besides, moisture can find its way in very easily, resulting mold and air restrictions.

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