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Multi-Stage Heating Systems

In Colorado, our temperate climate demands the use of two stage or modulating heating equipment. Let Pasterkamp show you how using two stage or modulating heating equipment can increase your comfort and lower your utility bills.

Variable Speed Blowers

Typically for increased comfort, a furnace or air handler fan circulates air from inside your home when there is a need for heat or for cooling only. Recently, furnace manufacturers have been offering variable speed blowers on their premium level of furnaces and air handlers.

Variable speed blowers offer our customers a great tool to help maintain their homes’ or business’ comfort and livability by “stirring” the air in your home or business at a lower air volume during periods of low cooling or heating needs.

The result is your indoor environment is kept at a constant level of air filtration, humidity, temperature and most of all comfort for you. Plus with the new technology of the variable speed blowers your utility costs are lower than if you were to operate your existing noisy equipment in the same manner.

It’s a WIN -WIN for you and your home or business in Denver.

Denver Furnace Repair

Need Furnace Repair In Denver – Call Us

The thought of dealing with a broken boiler or faulty heat pump during Colorado winter can be daunting indeed. But fear not! Our Denver based team specializes in reliable emergency services, including furnace maintenance and repairing such heating systems. Available seven days per week, we won’t let the cold nights get to you when we have solutions at hand that will quickly fix any issues your system may face. Click HERE now for more information on how we can help keep warmth flowing through your property all season long.

Wherever in Colorado you need fast, reliable, and affordable Denver furnace repairs, look no further than Pasterkamp Heating and Air Conditioning. Striving to uphold our excellent reputation, we provide outstanding customer service with competitive rates and top-quality furnace maintenance. Contact us today for more information!

Infrared Heating Systems

We recommend Re-Verber-Ray® infrared heating products that are efficient, cost effective and satisfy the heating requirements for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pumps are now a realistic option for any home or office, in any climate.  Residential and commercial systems offer year-round, high efficiency heating and cooling for a variety of rooms.  A variety of indoor units provide zone comfort control and higher efficiency with minimal power usage.

We are a leader in Denver and have attained Diamond Dealer and Diamond Designer level certifications from the world’s premier manufacturer of Ductless Mini split systems – Mitsubishi Electric.

The Mitsubishi Ductless Mini split systems locates the compressor and condenser outside the home or business eliminating the need for basement or attic-located evaporator units and bulky ductwork.

Water Heaters

Popular water heater options include:

  • Hybrid heat pump water heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Commercial water heaters.

Let our pros recommend and provide the best option for your needs.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are designed to enhance your lifestyle, utilizing advanced technology for energy efficiency to supply a continuous flow of low cost hot water whenever and wherever you need it.

Tankless products only use energy to heat water as it is needed – no energy is wasted while there is no demand for hot water. In addition, you are in complete control over your water temperature with a precise digital controller.

A touch of your fingertip can adjust the maximum water temperature up or down to the perfect comfort level that’s just right for you (moms love this feature because it prevents water from getting too hot for their children).

Tankless water heaters are compact and space saving. The indoor and outdoor tankless water heaters are just over 2 feet tall, weigh 55 pounds or less, and attach to an interior or exterior wall.

When it comes to your heating systems and heating equipment needs – Pasterkamp can handle that!

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Serving Denver and Beyond:

Our services extend to various regions, including Denver, Centennial, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Littleton, Lakewood, and Parker, CO. No matter where you are in the Denver Metro Area, Pasterkamp Heating and Air Conditioning is here to serve you.