What’s Included in A Furnace Tune-Up?

What You Need HVAC Furnace Tune Up Contractor

Furnace maintenance and tune-up from a recommended HVAC Contractor Denver is home to is essential for maintaining your appliance in good condition. Regular tune-up can prolong the life of your furnace, it ensures better thermal comfort in your rooms, it enhances the safety of using your furnace and will help you keep your energy bills at bay, too. Here are the most important activities involved by furnace tune-ups:

  • The inspection and lubrication of moving parts – furnaces have lots of bearings and other types of moving parts in the motor and in other parts of the system, all of which need professional inspection and lubrication at least once a year;
  • Fan belt check – the fan belt also needs to be checked and adjusted by a service technician;
  • Voltage and current checks and the inspection of all the electrical parts – these tasks usually require professional knowledge and specialized measuring equipment. The phase usually involves the tightening of any loose electrical connections, too;
  • Testing all the subsystems of the appliance – the exhaust system, the fuel or energy supply system, the ignition system and the drainage all need to be checked and repaired if necessary;
  • Filter replacement and cleaning – furnaces use many filters, some of which can be cleaned and others that need to be replaced. The furnace tune-up process will involve that, too;
  • Testing carbon monoxide test levels – this phase is essential for the safety of your household;
  • Complete cleaning inside and outside – at the end of the furnace tune-up, all the components of your furnace must be clean.