What Makes Colorado Weather Unique?

Beautiful Weather in Colorado

The weather in the state of Colorado is probably more varied and more changeable than in any other areas in the US, with extremely high temperatures in summer, with extreme lows in winter, thunderstorms and tornados developing in a few minutes and devastating large areas in a very short time, too. Colorado’s weather history is a unique succession of extreme events – here are some to prove that Colorado weather is unique, indeed:

  • The greatest snow depth from one storm was recorded in 1899 – a staggering 254 inches of snow settled within just a few hours, but values close to that record have been recorded several times since then;
  • Most parts of the state get 500-600 inches of snow every winter;
  • The melted snow overfills the rivers in the area, floods being very common in spring and in early summer
  • Some areas in the state get around 350 sunny days per year;
  • In the 1930’s, large areas in the eastern plains of Colorado were devastated by the succession of dust storms and heat that lasted for years;
  • The highest temperature in the state was recorded in Bennett, Adams Country, when thermometers showed 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

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