What Is The Most Popular Furnace

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The term furnace has a fairly broad meaning and refers to a fairly wide range of products. A furnace is an appliance designed to provide hot water and thermal comfort in several consumption points, from a single source.

When it comes to residential furnaces there is a wide variety of models that differ in the type of fuel they use, the mode of operation, energy efficiency and heating power. The choice of a certain model must be made according to the thermal needs (hot water consumption points and volume of space to be heated), the most convenient fuel, acquisition costs and operating costs. Additionally, when installing a furnace, there are some requirements to be met, especially regarding gas-furnaces.

Gas-furnaces are the most populated type, mainly because gas has the advantage of being one of the cheapest conventional fuels. Thus, if the building in which we want to install a furnace is connected to gas, a gas furnace is one of your best choices, if not the best.  They do still need occasional Denver furnace repair to keep running perfectly.

A gas furnace can be classic or condensing. The latter have an extremely high efficiency, due to the way they are designed to operate. Classic furnaces have an efficiency of up to 94%, a low one compared to the efficiency of a condensing furnace, which can reach an efficiency of up to 109% due to the special components that allow heat recovery from condensation.