What Are Forced Air Heating Systems?

Forced Air Heating Is Good

There are two main heating systems: radiant and forced air. Radiant systems are more efficient, but installation is more complicated and may be unsuitable for certain homes. On the other hand, forced air systems use a furnace to heat the air and blow it back into the house through a duct system.

Here is how such a system works:

You set the thermostat at the temperature you want to have indoors. The forced air system then pulls in cold air from the house, passes it through filters to remove allergens, warms the air by passing it through an air handler and then blows the warm air back into the house. This heating process is started automatically and repeats itself every time the temperature goes below the level set at the thermostat.

The benefits of a forced air heating system

  • You get thermal comfort and air quality

The air is not just warmed, but also purified from airborne particles and allergens that could make you sick. It can be used with a humidifier or dehumidifier, if you feel like changing the existing humidity level.

  • You enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient system

Efficiency ratings of modern systems are higher than 90%.

  • You get both heating and cooling options

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