Tips For Keeping Your Furnace In Great Shape All Winter Long

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Furnaces, like any other equipment needed in a home, must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to extend its service life. Maintaining your furnace is not expensive, but you must hire an experienced and licensed installer, because some problems that may arise are not simple and must be properly addressed by a pro.

To avoid malfunctions and extend the life of your furnace, follow these specialist recommendations:

  • choose the power of the furnace according to the heating requirements of your house, not according to the desired temperature for the domestic water;
  • do not overload the furnace;
  • read the technical book of your furnace;
  • change the batteries of the thermostat when the cold season begins;
  • call an authorized team for periodic technical verification;
  • clean the circuit – this is about cleaning the entire installation, from heaters to the thermal power plant, before the start of the cold season;
  • use water treatment products to protect the installations against corrosion and calcareous deposits;
  • periodically check the pressure in the installation; the optimum pressure usually has values ??between 1 bar and 2.5 bar;
  • install a voltage stabilizer on the outlet to protect the furnace from power fluctuations;
  • consider using a softener filter or decanter filter, if the water in the region is very calcareous;
  • close the valves with their setting on cold water, when the furnace is not used for heating.

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