Tips about Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

Tips To Getting Your Home Ready For The Fall Season

Fall is almost here, requiring responsible homeowners to make the necessary preparations and call on Pasterkamp Heating & Air Conditioning to get their homes ready for colder weather and higher precipitation. There are many areas of the house that need to be prepped for fall – your yard and garden need your attention as well as the HVAC unit. Here are a few tips how to get your HVAC system ready for the fall:

  • Checking and replacing filters – the filters used by HVAC units need to be checked every 2-3 weeks and replaced every 3 months, before each season. Neglecting filter replacement can cause the HVAC unit to fail – a problem that is easy to avoid with a little attention;
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit – another very important operation, the outdoor unit of your HVAC system needs a thorough clean to remove any impurities and debris that have gathered in the box since the last cleaning;
  • Cleaning the air ducts and the vents – these components are responsible for circulating the air in your home and for making sure the air conditioner can work effortlessly. All you need for the process is a vacuum cleaner that you need to run on the vents and in the ducts and a wet cloth to remove even the tiniest dust residues;
  • Cleaning and testing the furnace and the blowers – this is a very important and simple phase in fall maintenance that you can easily do on your own, but if you feel safer getting it done by professionals, you can call a technician to do it for you, too.