The Importance of Letting a Commercial HVAC Contractor Do Monthly System Inspections


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When you’re trying to make sure your building has clean air and that the air is constantly filtered properly, one of the best things you can do is have regular system checks to find out if there’s anything wrong with your HVAC system. A commercial HVAC is designed to sustain itself quite well, but some components can become damaged or catch a lot of dirt over time. If your filters are not replaced regularly enough or if the system hasn’t received a “COVID-19 upgrade” then you and your employees might be at risk for allergies and various other health issues, including the dreaded COVID virus.


When you call in a commercial Denver HVAC professional, you can make sure that they’ll take proper care of the entire system. They will check the filters, upgrade them by adding in superior quality filters at your request, clean the evaporator coil and drain if necessary, test the airflow through the system, check the refrigerant fluid for the AC, inspect the furnace and test the thermostat.


Even though some of the tasks can be performed by you or someone else in your household (such as replacing the air filter or checking to see if the thermostat works properly by using a basic thermometer), many tasks do require the presence of a professional. Checking the gas and furnace and looking for advanced damage should be included here. Additionally, an HVAC professional will also be needed to make sure your HVAC system can actually filter the air properly and minimize the risk that you or anyone in your family could be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.