Signs It Might Be Time to Clean Your Ducts

Dusty Air Vent

The performance of your air conditioner is closely linked to the health of the ducts that lead to and away from it – if you notice any or several of the following signs, you might want to get your air ducts cleaned by a Denver HVAC professional as soon as possible:

  • Dust or pet hair in the vent – this is a clear sign that the impurities collected by the air conditioner from the air are not removed efficiently;
  • Dust and dirt on the grill – the phenomenon is also caused by partially clogged ducts;
  • Rising energy bills – if your units suddenly starts to consume more energy, but it shows no sign of mechanical or other damage, the issue might be caused by clogged ducts;
  • Respiratory issues – units with clogged ducts are not able to get rid of the impurities and the allergens collected from the air in the room and contaminated air can cause the appearance of various respiratory illnesses or can trigger asthma attacks;
  • The appearance of mold – this sign is more frequent in humid climate areas, but it can appear in any room that is not properly ventilated. Clogged ducts can no longer direct stale air away from the room they lead to, allowing mold-causing fungi to proliferate.