Should You Have Regularly Scheduled Furnace Maintenance for Rental Properties?

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If you’re a landlord, you have the responsibility to provide your tenants with the best possible living conditions for the amount they pay for your rent. Depending on the rent and the types of equipment and amenities the house or condo might have, that can include anything from handling small repairs to keeping up with luxury services like swimming pool maintenance and ensuring that the tenants can benefit from a high quality security system.


Denver Furnace repair and maintenance is right up there, as a furnace is essential when you live in a colder climate. You don’t want your tenants to experience a furnace malfunction in the middle of winter and actually move out.


As such, it is your task – or the task of the property management firm you hire – to find a capable team of HVAC specialists who can handle furnace inspections and maintenance. They will arrive twice a year at the property, inspect the HVAC system thoroughly and handle all the maintenance and small repair work for a certain fee.


This is the best solution for keeping your furnace working for as long as possible and making sure your tenants are all comfortable. While furnace maintenance might be an added expense, it will help you avoid other serious issues, such as having to buy a brand new furnace if the old one breaks down without warning.