Should You Consider Having 2 Air Conditioners for Your Home?

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If your home is large or features a two-storey configuration, having two air conditioners instead of trying to cool all your rooms with one unit is a reasonable option. While modern, zoned systems that use a single central unit and allow for multiple temperature settings for the different areas of the home are also an option, having two units is often simpler and more cost efficient. Here are the benefits of having two AC units installed in your home by Denver HVAC professionals:

  • More thermal comfort – having two units will allow you to cool each of your rooms to the temperature that is the most comfortable for the occupants, warmer for those who don’t like cold rooms and colder for occupants who can’t stand the heat;
  • A backup unit in case of failure – AC units tend to break down when you need them the most, but it is highly improbable that both of your units will break down at the same time. Having two units in your home will give you the peace of mind that your rooms will be kept cool even if one of your units fails;
  • Energy savings – having two units will give you more control over how much your units will need to run to achieve the desired temperatures, therefore a two-unit setup will also give you more control over your energy consumption as well.