Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Questions To Ask HVAC Contractor

The HVAC system is among the most complex systems in any building, so most operations related to it, including installation, replacement, maintenance and repair, can be efficiently carried out only by an experienced professional such as Pasterkamp in Denver. Here are some questions to ask your HVAC specialist to check whether his knowledge and experience are right for your project:

  • Asking for proof of expertise and experience – some of the most important questions to ask your HVAC contractor refers to their qualifications and portfolio. Ask the specialist to provide proof of qualification and to tell you about his previous projects;
  • Questions related to the process – whether your HVAC project is small or large, you need to know exactly what phases it involves, how long it will take to complete and how much disruption it will involve. A good HVAC contractor is also a good communicator, willing to explain to you everything he will do and to answer all your questions;
  • Warranties – you need a contractor who vouches for the quality of the service provided, so make sure to ask him about the warranty he offers on the labor. If the process involves the replacement of any HVAC component, find out the warranty on the new part, too.