Pasterkamp, Denver’s Favorite HVAC Specialist

At Pasterkamp Heating and Air Conditioning, we take a lot of pride in being your favorite Denver HVAC specialist. To be your favorite we always use experienced technicians, make our services affordable, and provide excellent customer service and it seems like you all agree!

Yellow Pages Reviews   5 Stars-jessie_s
The people at Pasterkamp were friendly and informative. They helped me decide on the best AC option for our home, and we’ve been comfortable ever since! I would suggest them to all of my friends, family and neighbors!

Bird Eye Reviews 5 Stars-Todd Kanaster
We’ve worked with Pasterkamp twice now. The first time was for our boiler. We thought we’d need a new boiler, but the guy (who came immediately at the end of the day!) really knew what he was doing and changed a small part. This was two years ago and still going strong. More recently, they came right over and fixed or AC. Very prompt service, courteous and knowledgeable employees, reasonable prices. Strongly recommended!

Google Reviews  5 Stars-Philip Archer
We recently purchased a new house and while our furnace was in decent shape according to our home-inspector, the motor loudly broke down in the middle of an extremely cold winter night, just a month after moving. Early that mornin, I called several HVAC shops and an HVAC technician from a large firm inspected it, confirming it was the motor, which is unfortunately an expensive repair. Pasterkamp was among the shops I called and they offered a better price to fix the motor, however. I spoke with Dirk, I’ll add, and he answered all of my questions over the phone and seemed honest, straight-forward and knowledgeable–cost alone was not my sole reason to hire them for the job. A friendly and efficient Pasterkamp technician came to our place early the next morning to fix our furnace motor and it was up-and-running in no time, which was a great relief as Denver was going through a stretch of bitter-cold temps.

I’m giving them a top review for the following reasons: they answered all of my questions; they offered a competitive price; their service was quick and efficient; and the repair has worked-perfectly. I also prefer to support local, small businesses when possible. It was highly stressful to have our furnace in our newly-purchased home break-down in the middle of winter, as one can imagine, and they provided a great service.