Keeping Up with Renovation and Maintenance Issues: Does My Home Need Duct Work?

Regardless of the size of your home, having an HVAC unit automatically means that your home requires duct work. The ducts and vents in your home are used to circulate and recirculate hot and cold air. This cycle makes HVAC units efficient and keeps your home cool or warm in a highly efficient way, depending on your needs.


So when does your duct network require the services of an HVAC contractor Denver refers to clean it and keep it in proper order? One of the best signs is that your HVAC seems to be less efficient and require more energy to keep your home at the ideal temperature. If there’s nothing wrong with the unit itself, chances are that the ducts need cleaning or that air leakage is causing your HVAC to use up more energy.


Another thing that might be wrong is that your ducts are too old and have to be replaced. In general, if the ducts are about 10-15 years old, they start to fail quite regularly. If poor quality materials were used in the installation of your HVAC and ductwork, then the latter won’t even last a decade.


Keeping your ducts clean and healthy can keep your heating and air conditioning systems working properly even in trying times. Whether you need to cool your home down when the temperature is high, or provide enough heating to stay comfortable, you’ll find that duct work will keep your energy bill in check and your HVAC healthy.