How To Keep Your Office At The Perfect Temperature

Perfect Office Termperature HVAC Working

It may seem unbelievably, but a difference of only a few degrees can dramatically increase or decrease productivity at the office. Numerous studies have shown that people who work in a well-ventilated room with a normal temperature are up to 80% more productive.

You have surely noticed that when you are in a space where the temperature is adequate and there is enough oxygen, you have more energy and you feel more active and motivated. On the other hand, the productivity in a room that is too hot, or on the contrary, too cold, drops dramatically and most of people`s thoughts turn to how hot or cold the room is and what to do for cooling down or warming up.

According to studies, the ideal temperature for a workspace is around 23 degrees Celsius. However, some Denver HVAC experts argue that employee productivity is highest when the room temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius.

In order to have a perfect temperature at the office, you need an efficient, properly sized HVAC system with thermostat. Such a system is designed to stabilize and maintain the thermal comfort of the rooms, even on cold winter days.