How to Keep Your Basement at the Right Temperature This Summer

Comfortable Basement Climate

The first thing to do to make sure that the temperature in your basement is always comfortable is to insulate it – installing the right type of insulation will ensure that your room has proper ventilation and air temperature inside stays within a certain range. However, when it gets extremely hot outside, even well-insulated basement rooms need some extra action – here are a few things that you can:

  • Use a small stand-alone air conditioner – these small devices are great for cooling down relatively small spaces as well as for keeping them cool for a longer amount of time. All you need to turn on your unit is a power supply and an opening such as a door or a window to allow the unit to vent through its hose;
  • Use a fan – both box fans and ceiling fans are great for basement rooms. They are efficient, they don’t take up too much space and they will not ruin the design of your room;
  • If your basement has windows, install some blinds or drapes on them. Keep the windows open during the night, then shut them early in the morning and close the blinds until the temperature outside cools down in the evening.

If you currently have AC in your home, be sure to have a Denver AC repair person conduct an annual maintenance, to ensure your whole home stays cool for those hot summer days.