How to Get Your HVAC Ready for the Arrival of the Spring

Welcome Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Readiness Repair

Getting your HVAC ready when spring comes around can be a difficult job. The maintenance required might be extensive, and you could use the services of an expert at least in some of the tasks that have to be performed:


  • Cleaning tasks are extremely important when it comes to HVAC maintenance. You’ll have to consider cleaning or replacing dirty filters, having the condenser and evaporator coils cleaned, and removing the dirt from drain lines for proper flow.
  • Clearing the drain pans of standing water is also an important maintenance task required to prevent overflowing.
  • You’ll have to inspect the ducts for any dust, mold and dirt, and remove it if necessary. Humidity levels also have to be checked especially if you notice the presence of mold.
  • Finally, if the pulleys and belts are worn out, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible to ensure that the system is working at its full capacity.


Because many HVAC units work with high pressure and natural gas, it is crucial for your safety that you call in an air conditioning repair expert for most of the extensive repair work and maintenance tasks. Even though you might be able to clean the ducts or replace the filters yourself, you’ll have to call in your local HVAC professionals for the more advanced work.