How to Get Your Furnace Checked this Fall Before It Gets Cold

tech furnace repair winter preparation

Ensuring that your furnace, your thermostat as well as the other components of your heating system are in proper working condition before the first cold days is essential for the safety and the comfort of your entire household from fall to the end of spring. The best way to ensure that they are all working properly is by hiring a professional Denver furnace repair tech to carry out the verifications, but you should also know the steps, at least in theory, so here are the task involved by the inspection and verification process:

  • Checking important components – the programmable thermostat, the electrical motor, the blower motor and the drive belt are all essential components of your furnace, components that need to be checked one by one;
  • Specific maintenance for the heating system – efficient burning is not possible if the components of your system are clogged or dirty. Your technician will check the burner flames and igniters to make sure they are clean and will perform a thorough cleaning of the components;
  • Repairs – the period of the year when you don’t need to turn on the heating yet is the best time to have any necessary repairs done on your furnace. If your technician finds a faulty component during the check-up, order the necessary repairs before the weather turns cold.