How to Calculate the AC Capacity You Need

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If you are currently contemplating getting a new air conditioner, you must be aware that one of the most important preliminary tasks before even looking at the range of products available is to calculate the capacity that you will need your unit to be able to deliver. Here are some things that you should know about the calculations:

  • Measuring the size of your room is essential – knowing exactly the size of the room that your air conditioner will need to serve is the first step and also the most important one. Measure the height of the room as well as the width of the walls and calculate the cubic meters of air that your air conditioner will need to cool. If you get stuck with the process, you can find lots of great formulas online.
  • Correlate the size of the room to air conditioner capacity parameters – as a general rule, a room up to 100 square hidden size will require an air conditioner able to handle 0.8 ton of air.
  • Get professional help – considering that you will need a professional company to install your air conditioner in Denver anyway, it is a good idea to let experts at Pasterkamp in Denver do the calculations to the professionals as well. The expert you hire for the installation of your appliance will be happy to help you with the capacity calculations as well as with the purchase of the most suitable unit.