How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

HVAC Company Air Duct Cleaning

Regularly cleaning the ducts of your HVAC system is essential not only for the proper operation of the equipment, but also for the health of anyone spending time in your rooms heated or cooled with the unit. Experts recommend to clean your ducts every couple of years, but the timeframe depends on lots of factors, such as the intensity of the usage and there are several signs that tell you to schedule duct cleaning. Here are some:

  • Visible build-ups – if you see any visible, dusty or dark-colored build-ups in or around the vent registers, the sign is an indicator of contamination and tells you it is time to get the ducts cleaned;
  • A foul smell emanated by the AC equipment – the smell can come from dirty filters, but if you have cleaned the permanent filters and replaced the disposable ones and the smell still persists, it means that the foul odor is caused by the dirt and contaminants that have accumulated in the ducts. To prevent damage to your equipment and health problems, such as affections of the respiratory system and of the skin, get the ducts cleaned as soon as you can;
  • After remodeling projects, after a chemical has accidentally been released in the air or when you move into a new place – the ducts circulate the air in the room, so if you know for sure or suspect that contaminants might have reached the ducts, get them cleaned immediately,