Heating Made Easy: How Effective Is My Home’s Water Heating System?

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Heating water doesn’t have to be a chore, and it certainly doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Unfortunately, for many of us it is, and it has to do with the choice of an improper water heater or boiler. But how do you decide which heater to get, and is there a hierarchy as to whether or not your heater is efficient enough?


Storage water heaters are the most common in the US. But are they efficient enough? These heaters range in size from 20 to 80 gallons, and are based on the notion of storing the water inside a large container, heating it and then using it up incrementally. However, because the heated water is rarely used in its entirety, this setup isn’t always the best.  For the best, request expert services of an HVAC Denver CO technician.


If you use small amounts of water frequently, the best setup is a demand water heater. This system only heats water on demand, and it’s far more efficient than storage water heaters. The drawback is that you can’t always use cheaper on demand units as easily when having to use large volumes of water at once (for instance, washing dishes while someone is taking a shower).


Heat pump water heaters are the most energy efficient, but they can be expensive to set up. If you want the best setup, this one pulls heat straight from the air, so it doesn’t even need to heat up the water. It only uses a basic heat pump and refrigerant fluid, as well as less than half of the electricity needed by conventional water heaters.