Fun Ways to Decoratively Hide Your Air Conditioner

Painted AC Unit

Air conditioners are not very pretty – outdoor units are usually a bulky, dull-looking boxes and interior units don’t exactly qualify for wall decoration either. However, there is no reason why you should leave them looking like that – here are a few great, creative ways to hide your AC equipment:

  • Build a small house for the exterior unit – all you need is measuring tape, a pen, a few wood boards, some nails and some creativity to design and build a wood housing to cage that large, ugly metal box that disrupts your landscape;
  • Create a mosaic paravane – glue some pieces of colored shards of glass or old china to the two pieces of an old table top cut into half, then glue together the two halves to create a screen for the outdoor unit;
  • Turn the interior unit into art – a suitably sized piece of cardboard is perfect for unleashing your creativity. Paint it with your favorite colors, use lace or ribbons to add texture and variety, then fasten your work of art on the interior AC unit;
  • Turn the interior unit into a shelf – if the wall space around the unit permits it, create a piece of furniture that is a shelf on one side and has a slatted wood door that conceals the AC unit without blocking the way of the air.

Make sure that whatever method you choose that it allows for air conditioning repair Denver community contractors to access it easily when it is needed.