Do You Have To Refill the Freon?

air conditioning technician filling freon cooling agent 

Freon is the refrigerant substance in air conditioning units. It is kept inside the ductwork and turns warm air into cool air, blown into the room by the indoor unit. Many homeowners wonder: do I have to refill Freon? If the answer is yes, how frequently?


Here is what you need to know:


  1. Freon Does Not Run Out

Freon is not a kind of fuel for AC unit. It should stay inside the system and ensure cool air throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment. If you need to refill the Freon, it means that it leaked through a crack or loose fitting in the ductwork.


  1. How Do You Know the Freon Has Leaked?

In most cases, the Freon leaks through the exposed ductwork connected to the outdoor unit, so you won’t see a pool of liquid. However, you will notice that the indoor unit blows warm air, no matter how low you set the temperature.


  1. Refill or Replace the AC Unit?

In most of the cases, an air conditioning repair technician will quickly refill your AC unit with Freon and fix the leak. However, if the air conditioning system keeps loosing Freon, you should ask a HVAC contractor to inspect it. Depending on the findings, the contractor will recommend repairing the AC unit or replacing it with a new one.