Digital Thermostat Trends

Setting Digital Thermostat For Air Conditioning

Since the apparition of Google Nest thermostat in 2011, millions of beneficiaries have installed digital thermostats in their homes. But can such a device really help you save money?

Almost half of the systems controlled by a thermostat use a programmable one. A programmable thermostat allows you to create different temperature programs that change automatically. This means that the heat will turn on/ off at the time you schedule these tasks.

The problem is that 80% of the owners who have a HVAC system with programmable thermostat do not use it. They either say the display is too small, they cannot find the operating instructions, or the programming is confusing instead of being intuitive.

Fortunately, trends evolve and we now have smart thermostats, which are a bit different. They are the new category in comfort management. Not only do they make programming easy, they have time-saving features and increase efficiency and can be programmed by an air conditioning repair Denver technician to get you started! A smart thermostat controls the HVAC system via the Internet and uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with a device you already have. You can check and change in real time, anywhere you are, the temperature in the house, or turn the water heater on or off – all this, directly from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Smart thermostats not only help you heat your home, but they are great allies in adjusting your consumption. Your bills will be lower, but your comfort will be higher.