Diagnosing the Strange Noises of Your HVAC System

Hearing Strange Noises

HVAC systems work hard all summer long to cool rooms and many of them also work hard during the winter to warm up the air in the rooms. HVAC systems are hardy, durable pieces of equipment, designed for heavy duty usage, but even they can break down. The most noticeable sign of fault in the case of HVAC systems is a change in the sound of the unit – HVAC units are very silent by design, so if you notice strange noises coming from the appliance, it usually signals a problem. Here are a few tips about how to evaluate unusual HVAC noises:

  • Banging sounds – they can indicate the fault of the heat pump or of the duct system if they come from the ducts;
  • Vibration and buzzing noises usually indicate the fault of the pump, too;
  • Clicking noises usually signal a fault of the electrical relay switches that control the AC unit;
  • Rattling and humming, associated with difficult start are typical signs of a fault in the compressor of your HVAC unit;
  • Gurgling and other noises that sound like running water can indicate a problem with the level of refrigerant in the system or with the compressor.

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