Creative and Beautiful Ways to Hide Your AC Unit

hide air conditioning unit get creative

AC units are among the most useful and most important appliances in any home, but one thing is sure: they are far from being attractive. Fortunately, there are lots of great ways to conceal that bulky, ugly box on the wall or next to the house– here are some décor tips that you can use without blocking the air flow or otherwise obstructing the operation of your AC:

  • A DIY cabinet – just grab an old cabinet, design a pattern for it, cut out the cabinet wall and place the piece of art on the interior unit of your AC. Pay attention to the size and weight of the cabinet that  your  – it should be large enough to leave the air flow unobstructed and lightweight to allow for being mounted on the wall;
  • A wall-mounted shelf – you can create an attractive piece of furniture that is half a closed box to accommodate the AC unit and half a shelf for books or for small decorations;
  • A lattice screen housing for the outdoor unit – lattice screen is great because it not only conceals the outdoor unit of your AC, but also protects the unit from debris;
  • Wood box combined with seating – another great way to hide your outdoor AC unit.  For repairs or replacement look to the professionals at