Controlling Your Home’s Temperature From Your Phone

Home Temperature Smart Installations Pasterkamp

If you are up to date with the latest news in the field of information technology, you already know that we now have a lot of smartphone applications designed to make our lives easier and safer.

The concept of Internet of Things (interconnecting and controlling objects with the help of mobile applications) is behind the possibility to check and control, on your smart phone, the surveillance system of your home, schedule various household appliances to turn on/ off remotely, and “dictate” to the house what to do so that you can enjoy the level of comfort you need.

Currently, many furnaces have applications that allow you to schedule turning on the heating system for the rooms and the water, right when you need it (e.g. before you return home from work). You can even set a different temperature in each room, depending on how much you use them. All you need is staying connected to the Internet.

By using your phone to control your home`s temperature, comfort is taken to the next level, while energy consumption lowers down. These applications actually interact with the smart thermostat of the furnace that turns your smartphone into a remote control and allows you to easily control the heating system – wherever you are.  The professionals at Pasterkamp can install updated smart technology in your home and get you up to date.