Are Furnaces The Most Effective Home Heating System?

Home Heating Options

The Environmental Protection Agency revealed that more than 40% of the energy used by people at home is destined for heating.  This is a huge percent and, as energy costs have risen, the demand for effective heating systems increased.

Due to the technologic advances, there are many energy-efficient heating systems, available today for personal or commercial use. When you choose such a system for your home, you must think about a few important aspects: the climate in your region (obviously, a cold climate requires a stronger heating system), how much of your house actually needs to be heated, what heating system would fit into the space you have available, what type of installation will be required, what fuel is available and how expensive will be to use it for heating your house.

The latest models of furnaces are among the best heating systems according to HVAC Denver CO professionals, with more than 90% efficiency range, if they are in good shape and properly maintained. They heat the air and redistribute it in the rooms, through a duct system. More than that, the ducts can also be used with air conditioning system and retrofitted to purify the air in your home.