Maintenance & Repair Tasks Needed for Most AC Installations

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Air conditioning maintenance and repair can be somewhat difficult as well as dangerous, especially if your AC and heating system are all in one. The necessary activities presented below are a good place to start if you want to learn what is normally necessary for AC repair or maintenance in the Denver area.


Component replacement tasks are pretty common when it comes to AC repair, since it’s often a lot easier to replace a complex component than to open it up and try to fix it. Sometimes larger sections and devices attached to the systems can be replaced entirely, making the repair work faster and more efficient. A few examples include the replacement of simpler components such as the air filter or the fix compressor, while other times, complex devices like the compressor and thermostat might also need to be replaced.


Cleaning the coils and emptying the condensation drain are common maintenance tasks that have to be done from time to time. Cleaning the AC coils is among the most important things you have to do for air conditioner Denver maintenance, since failing to get it done can lead to the buildup of dirt and grime until the point where the unit could overheat and fail entirely.


Although some of these tasks can be done by homeowners, there are others that should not be attempted without the presence of a professional Denver AC repair expert or a professional who is knowledgeable about testing and checking your entire HVAC system. These include gas leak inspections, heat exchanger checks and temperature rise testing.

How to Avoid a Lower Quality Air Conditioning Service in Denver

How To Avoid Costly Air Conditiong Repair Denver Services


Are you looking to fix your AC as quickly and cheaply as possible? Avoiding low quality air conditioning services might seem straightforward, but it’s anything but that in some instances. During the summer, a lot of inexperienced and unskilled AC technicians prey on the fact that homeowners and business owners whose air conditioning stopped working suddenly might feel compelled to cut corners or rush into the decision of hiring the first AC “expert” that they meet. As you might expect, that can be a pretty big mistake.

Air conditioning repair Denver specialists have a big responsibility when it comes to fixing your AC unit. They are dealing with equipment that’s worth a lot of money, and if they make a mistake then you’ll have to pay a lot more than you initially thought. That means it doesn’t matter how much money a less experienced AC technician might help you save at first, the trade-off will be a very poor one if you just have to hire a better service later on to fix the first one’s mistakes.

Opt only for the best Denver HVAC companies, and they’ll provide you not only with exemplary support in dealing with any AC malfunction or problem you can think of, but also in handling AC installation and helping you out with annual inspections and maintenance work that can extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

Denver AC Repair Solutions for Large AC Installations

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Fixing a regular air conditioning unit can be hard enough as it is. Having to cope with a larger installation that might feature multiple units and a complex layout can be even more challenging, and the repair work is usually a real nightmare for anyone who isn’t used to these types of jobs. As such, you have to take precautions to make sure the Denver AC repair company you want to hire will be up to the challenge.

First of all, it’s very important to consider the experience and knowledge that your AC repair service has with similar AC units and installations provided by the same brand as the one that provided you with the AC to begin with. Such a requirement will filter out most of the AC repair companies that can’t help you and put you face to face with the best AC repair service in the business.

It takes more manpower to manage a large installation that needs extensive repairs. Otherwise your office or building will be left without AC for a long time, making work almost unbearable and even making some of your employees sick. You’ll want to avoid that at all costs. As such, it’s essential to hire an expert service from with technicians that have experience working with every type of HVAC system, as well as handling advanced AC repairs, duct cleaning and tuneup, AC replacements and the ability to fix pretty much any AC unit featuring every type of design.

Important Questions to Ask a Professional Air Conditioning Service in Denver

Ask The Right Questions Air Conditioner Denver Services

Whether you have an old air conditioner that needs fixing, or you need to install a brand new air conditioner Denver homes and businesses need, professional local AC services are available to help you through every hurdle. It can, of course, happen sometimes that you need advice to even figure out what your next move is. If your AC is damaged, you’ll find that all your most important questions and puzzles can be solved through a few simple questions you ask your Denver professionals:


  1. The first thing to ask is to give you a general idea of what the problem might be. Based on your assessment and the symptoms of your AC unit, they should be able to at least venture a guess as to what the malfunction might be.
  2. Ask about their background and whether or not they can help you with repairs and a new replacement AC unit, if necessary.
  3. The next thing you can ask is whether or not they can provide you with an inspection and a bid to replace or repair your AC. Make sure they do a thorough job of inspecting the unit and that they give you a written estimate.
  4. Finally, it’s important to inquire about matters like insurance and warranty, as well as the upfront amount you might have to pay in case your AC requires expensive repairs or a complete replacement.

Do You Have to Replace Your Venting System When You Get a New AC?

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HVAC installation, particularly pertaining to air conditioning systems, can be a difficult job to say the least. In some cases, not only do you have to get a new AC unit, but you might also need to get your entire venting system replaced as well.


Sometimes that’s an actual necessity. In larger homes, office buildings, factories and commercial buildings, an appropriate venting system will usually be required because the system saves power using a central HVAC. However, that’s not always the case for all buildings, and there are cases when the venting system doesn’t have to be replaced for other reasons:


  • First, if the vents are fine as they are, your AC experts won’t touch them. Even if you’re installing a new type of AC, they will usually find a workaround to deal with any compatibility issues.
  • If there are compatibility problems that can’t be solved (such as the need for a larger volume of air), then the old venting system will have to go.
  • Your vents might be rusty and broken, or they could require some heavy maintenance work. In such cases, your Denver air conditioning repair experts at Pasterkamp of Denver will have to decide whether the damage is enough to warrant a complete replacement.

When Is It Time to Look for a New AC?

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A new AC is usually pretty expensive. If you need to buy a new one, you might have to know about it in advance so you can prepare for the financial hurdle associated with the purchase. Whether that represents getting a loan or saving money in your deposit, your new air conditioning unit can require time to fund, so it’s important to be prepared for the old one to fail and to consult an expert in the matter as soon as possible.


The first thing to consider is the age of your AC. Most units will not last longer than about 15 years, even if they’re among the most robust and well-designed on the market. So if your AC is around 10-15 years old, you have to start thinking about getting it replaced. First, consult one of the best Denver HVAC companies around and ask them to inspect your old AC unit for damage. They can also recommend measures for prevention and possible upgrades that could extend the life of your AC enough to give you time to prepare.


Alternatively, even if your AC unit isn’t that old, it’s important to have it checked out occasionally, especially if it shows signs of inefficiency or damage. Some signs can include the unit using up more power, failing to cool as well as it used to, or causing strange sounds or odors while it’s operating. Each of these symptoms could indicate that the unit might be failing. If you notice any of them, call on your local air conditioner Denver area maintenance & repair professionals as soon as possible.

Common Malfunctions Your Old AC Might Suffer

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As your air conditioner gets old, it can have a lot of problems that are specific to aging components or to design flaws that make it work less and less efficiently over time. A Common Denver air conditioning solution to all of them is to have your old unit replaced by a brand new one. However, as many Denver AC repair experts will tell you, that’s not always necessary. Depending on the problem, your AC could be fixed, so it can continue functioning well at least for a while.


Reduced efficiency is one of the most common problems with these types of units. You’ll notice it as your AC has to run more and more frequently to maintain the temperature. It might also heat up more and get noisier. More importantly, your electric bill will get higher while the temperature in your home remains too high for comfort.


Refrigerant leaks constitute another important problem that can arise. This is also a possible health hazard, as most refrigerants are not safe, and they can be downright toxic. Aside from their reduced efficiency, once they leak out, older refrigerants can be harmful both to the people in your home and to the environment. So it’s important for the leak to be fixed as soon as possible.


Bad furnace fans and electric issues can also occur as components become worn out and need replacing. Although you don’t normally need to worry about electric wiring or components that are typically durable, the fan mechanism has moving parts that can break down easily, and electrical capacitors require regular replacing over a longer period of time.

Should You Handle AC Maintenance & Repair Yourself?

What Should I Do Denver Air Conditioning RepairWhen it comes to handling AC repair and maintenance on your own, the simple answer is: “don’t do it.” Even if you’re confident in your skills, fixing an AC can be difficult at best and dangerous at worst. In some cases, the coolant substance can get into the air and become a very real health hazard, or the electric system could malfunction leading to possible electrocution hazards.


If your AC malfunctions or stops working, the ideal step is to unplug it right away, open your doors and windows (in case there is a leak) and call a local Denver air conditioning repair service to take care of the problem. They will quickly arrive at your location, inspect your AC and tell you what the problem is. They will also pinpoint any potential hazards and tell you about them.


The repair process itself can be lengthy and tedious, and when you’re facing temperatures of over 100 degrees, that won’t be a pleasant sight. If you have health issues, it could even increase your chances of your health deteriorating even more.


Your safest option is to call in the professionals, get your AC fixed as soon as possible, and entertain the possible option of having your air conditioning unit replaced with a new one. That way you won’t have to deal with any more repairs for years to come.

Talking to an Air Conditioning Service: Denver Solutions for Faulty ACs

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If your air conditioner was damaged or if it broke down over time, you have to talk to a dependable Denver area HVAC service to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. However, you’ll find that as soon as you call your local experts specializing in AC repair in Denver, it’s important to cover a few pressing issues:

-Tell them about how your AC is behaving and what you already did about it. Do you hear a strange sound or smell some bad odor? Did you already unplug the unit? Was it still operating well shortly before it malfunctioned, or did the problem appear slowly over time?
-Ask them if it’s a health and safety hazard for you to remain in the same room as the AC. Based on what you tell them about the unit’s behavior, they may be able to advise you on what’s safe to do and whether or not you and your family should avoid the area for the time being, in case of a coolant leak.
-Talk about getting your AC inspected and about possible solutions. Sometimes the unit can be repaired quickly, and it should work quite well. Other times, you might need to have it replaced with a new one.
-Have the professionals with arrive and inspect the AC right away. Some possible problems you can expect include an electric control failure, a refrigerant leak, as well as a damaged compressor or a frozen evaporator coil.


The Main Challenges of Denver AC Repair in the Summer

ac repair technician summer time heat


Denver AC repair can be difficult even at the best of times. However, if you failed to check on your air conditioning system in the spring and it malfunctioned on you during the summer, then you might find fixing it even more of a challenging task.


One of the challenges of AC repair in the summer is that you might find it very hard to even locate a local Denver AC repair service that’s free. Most of the time these companies are in high demand, so you should always stick to a single, trusted team of AC repair Denver experts that you can call at short notice, if your AC breaks.


The heat itself can be a very important challenge to consider. As you probably already know, some materials and tools will require adjusting or replacing when the heat is beyond a certain level. AC repair is no exception to this prerequisite. Also, this goes without saying, but the heat can make the job of an AC repair expert very difficult especially if the unit is set in a place that’s bathed in sunlight pretty much all afternoon.


If your AC isn’t running at full capacity, don’t wait for it to break. Call in a trusted local air conditioning service in Denver, and have them inspect the unit to make sure they can prevent further damage from affecting it. That way, even with the many challenges of the summer months, you’ll have all your bases covered.