Denver AC Repair and Maintenance Tips for Preserving the Life of Your AC

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In Denver, AC repair and maintenance can be very important before and during the summer months. Failing to keep up with the most important maintenance tasks could easily cut your unit’s lifespan short.


Outdoor AC units will usually need a lot of maintenance, because most of their main elements are outside, and they can be affected by excess dirt and debris. The safest way to work on maintaining your outdoor AC is to first power it up and then check for parts that need to be cleaned. Clear any debris that could end up clogging the unit, and clean the small metal fins that have the task of protecting the condenser coil. The fins might also have to be checked for damage and straightened if needed. Also, make sure you check for sun damage on the insulation that protects the coolant pipes.


For indoor AC units, it’s very important to keep track of certain elements that can be affected by dirt and water damage over time. The drain hose is constantly filled with moisture and water, and it can be a place where mold forms fairly easily. As such, it’s a good idea to check it and clean it as often as possible. Another tip is to have check for leaks and to make sure that the filter is replaced frequently enough. A dusty filter will not only impair the air quality in your room but also make your AC work harder than it should.

Denver Air Conditioning Repair for Older Model AC Units

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If you’re interested in air conditioning repair Denver area home for an older model AC, you might be making a better choice than many other homeowners who have chosen to upgrade to a newer model. In many cases there is a trend that, if a device is too old, people tend to replace it rather than try to have it repaired. While that’s a more practical choice sometimes, there are instances when a quick repair job could actually save you a lot of time and money.


Owning an older model AC doesn’t always mean that you have to get it replaced. On the contrary, if your AC is fixed, you might only have to pay a couple hundred dollars and have it work for another 2-3 years at the very least. In some cases, older models might even turn out to be more durable than newer ones, so a good repair job could save you a lot of trouble for more than a decade to come.


The main thing you need to do is have a local Denver repair specialist arrive and inspect your AC for damage. They will tell you if there is anything that can be done to fix it and how expensive/difficult the repair work will be. Then, depending on your budget and whether or not it’s actually a good idea to have your AC repaired rather than replaced, you can get away without spending thousands of dollars on a new unit and waiting for at least a couple of days until it can arrive and be installed.

Does Installing a New AC Help with Allergies?

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Getting a brand new air conditioner Denver area can do wonders for your home during the summer. You’ll breathe easier, you won’t have to deal with the summer heat too much, and even your food might be less likely to go bad. On the other hand, there are concerns from people who suffer from asthma, allergies and similar respiratory disorders, that an AC could mess with their condition.


Far from that being the case, a good AC will not harm you when you have allergies. Instead, it might even improve it, due to the fact that it has filters that clean your air out periodically.


The way your AC works is that it uses a ventilation system to constantly pump cool air into your home to replace the warm air. In the process, however, it also filters the air, and some AC units even have high end HEPA filters that can remove allergens, dust particles and even common viruses from the air seamlessly and without taking a long time to do it.


As a result, you might find that after installing your new air conditioner, you’ll not only breathe easier overall, but the symptoms of any allergies you might have will decrease in intensity and frequency to a considerable extent.

Do You Know the Best Brands for Quality Air Conditioning Systems?

Top Brands Best Air Conditioning Systems

Every year, the hierarchy of brands responsible for the best new AC systems tends to change. 2021 is no different, and despite the fact that COVID was in full swing last year, a lot of manufacturers have still worked around the clock to come up with the most ingenious and advanced new technological upgrades to drive the industry forward.


If you want to buy the best Denver air conditioning system this year, you should definitely set your eyes on brands like Carrier and American Standard. They pretty much dominate the market when it comes to providing high quality central AC units and HVACs, and in the case of American Standard, the cost of quality AC is not that high either.


If you’re looking for alternatives, there are both cheaper and more quality-focused ones out there. However, probably the most balanced choice would be to opt for an AC unit from Goodman Central Air Conditioners. They offer some of the best prices for units that are both practical and smart home-compatible.


Finally, for some of the lowest cost, high quality and durable units on the market, you can consider Rheem Air Conditioners – a brand that has steadily climbed its way up to the top, and continues to offer excellent quality for the price.

Maintenance and Repair Solutions for Hi-Tech AC Systems

Preventive Maintenance Air Conditioner Service

If you have the money to invest in one of the most advanced AC systems on the market, then you’ll probably be able to enjoy using your superior cooling technology for long years to come. However, even the best air conditioner Denver systems can break down. So there are a number of good reasons why you shouldn’t settle for a conventional AC repair contractor when it comes to servicing these advanced machines:


  • Advanced AC systems are available that use alternative technologies to achieve better efficiency and faster cooling. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to rely on a conventional AC service to fix or inspect such a system. You’ll have to call in an experienced AC contractor that deals specifically with these installations.
  • They might have advanced electronics designed not only to offer better control over the thermostat, but also to provide remote access, smartphone access and a host of other advanced features that regular AC systems don’t have. You’ll need a dependable hi-tech AC repair service to be able to check and repair all those electronic systems, if necessary.
  • Advanced AC systems might also need maintenance solutions for components that most AC experts don’t even know about. So even for basic maintenance, you will have to rely on a more knowledgeable professional to help you out.

Is Your AC in Need of Emergency Repair?

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Air conditioning systems have to be maintained with great care, especially right before the summer or during the hottest weeks of the summer season. Once your AC breaks down – especially if you live in a really hot area in the South – it can be a nightmare to find an available AC specialist to help you out properly, and you might have to cope a few days with just a basic fan to keep you cool.


Fortunately, many AC services prepare for this type of scenario, and they can help you by offering emergency repair services. Although these types of repairs can be more costly overall, they also involve flexible payment plans if you can’t pay right away, and the experts that handle them will usually be able to offer you a great discount if you use their services on a regular basis.


Emergency AC repair will usually be performed the same day you ask for it, with the company sending in their experts as soon as possible. They will examine your AC unit, take care of essential maintenance work that might need to be done, establish what the most pressing repairs are and get the unit up and running again as soon as they are able to.


With the best emergency repair specialists at your disposal with, you’ll get your home’s AC working again pretty quickly, and you won’t be forced to pay an exaggerated price for their service either.

How to Know When You Really Need a New Indoor Cooling System

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The decision to get a new Denver air conditioning system can be a pretty big one. AC systems are expensive, so you’ll have to consider your choice carefully and make sure that you don’t have other alternatives before proceeding.


Consider the following cases when you think you might have to replace your existing AC:


  • Your energy bills start getting higher and higher with each consecutive year. If your HVAC is getting old, then even the regular maintenance and frequent repair work you pay for won’t be able to halt its deterioration, so at some point you really have to decide to get a new cooling system.
  • The AC is damaged beyond repair. This is the most common time when homeowners and business owners decide it’s time for a new indoor cooling system. You will of course need to have your HVAC system inspected by a professional who should be able to tell you that it’s beyond repair or notify you if there’s still a chance to salvage it.
  • When you have an old HVAC and its projected lifespan is over. This is a bit of a controversial case, as you might think that if your AC is still working you should avoid tampering with it. However, when it’s past its projected life period, there is a chance that it will break down and die almost any moment. A lot of experts will recommend that you replace it before that happens to save yourself some trouble and also minimize your energy costs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Should Be More Frequent Than Residential Maintenance

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Maintenance and Denver AC repair work is necessary on a regular basis if you want your HVAC to work properly. This is especially true for large air conditioning systems that are associated with warehouses, office buildings, factories, manufacturing plants and shopping malls.


Why do these AC systems need more maintenance than your common residential HVAC? It’s simple: because they are much larger and more complex, and there’s a lot that could go wrong. The vent system should be checked regularly to ensure that there are no unwanted holes or that they’re not clogged. The air is recirculated more intensely, and there’s a lot more dust and debris in such a large open space, than there is in a residential home. So the filters need to be replaced on a frequent basis as well.


Your AC also needs to be checked for subtle problems and since the repair work for commercial AC is more expensive, it pays to use preventive maintenance to avoid long turnaround times and hefty repair costs.


If you think ahead, plan your budget properly and hire a dependable commercial HVAC specialist, you’ll find that even with the additional, frequent repairs, the maintenance and repair work that you will have to do on your HVAC will not harm your business at all.

Do You Have To Refill the Freon?

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Freon is the refrigerant substance in air conditioning units. It is kept inside the ductwork and turns warm air into cool air, blown into the room by the indoor unit. Many homeowners wonder: do I have to refill Freon? If the answer is yes, how frequently?


Here is what you need to know:


  1. Freon Does Not Run Out

Freon is not a kind of fuel for AC unit. It should stay inside the system and ensure cool air throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment. If you need to refill the Freon, it means that it leaked through a crack or loose fitting in the ductwork.


  1. How Do You Know the Freon Has Leaked?

In most cases, the Freon leaks through the exposed ductwork connected to the outdoor unit, so you won’t see a pool of liquid. However, you will notice that the indoor unit blows warm air, no matter how low you set the temperature.


  1. Refill or Replace the AC Unit?

In most of the cases, an air conditioning repair technician will quickly refill your AC unit with Freon and fix the leak. However, if the air conditioning system keeps loosing Freon, you should ask a HVAC contractor to inspect it. Depending on the findings, the contractor will recommend repairing the AC unit or replacing it with a new one.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process

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As summer temperatures are on the rise, a lot of people are buying mini-split air conditioning units. And some of them are wondering whether they could DIY the installation process.


We advise against it, as Denver air conditioning installation is a complex process, best left to trained technicians. It involves:


  1. Finding the Best Placement for the Indoor Unit

The technician will look at the room and determine the best place for the indoor unit. It cannot be hidden behind a curtain or piece of furniture, because it has to send the cool air flow throughout the entire room. The unit is installed using the plate provided by the manufacturer, high up on a wall.


  1. Creating a Hole for the Ductwork

The mini-split AC unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit connected by ductwork and wiring. As it appears logical, you need a hole through the wall to pass the ductwork. A technician will find the best place for it to serve two purposes: create the shortest route for the wiring and be as unobtrusive as possible


  1. Installing the Outdoor Unit

In general, AC installation technicians will mount a metal cage on the wall and place the outdoor unit in it. There are several reasons for this:

  • The cage can be safely secured with large bolts into the wall
  • It will provide a flat, solid surface for the outdoor unit
  • It will protect the unit from mechanical shocks (hail, high winds, etc.).