Tips for Getting Your Furnace Ready for Fall

Denver HVAC Helpful Tips

Preparing your furnace for the challenges it will have to face during the cold months is essential for ensuring the comfort as well as the safety of your home – here are some of the most important maintenance tasks:

  • Checking, cleaning and replacing filters – most furnaces have several filters. Some of them are disposable and need to be replaced, others are permanent filters that must be cleaned, dried and installed again;
  • Check the setting and the functioning of the thermostat – make sure the thermostat is set to heating and also test it to see if it turns the furnace on and off at the right temperature;
  • Check the chimney – your chimney needs to be clean and fault-free to be able to work properly during the winter. Make sure that the chimney is free from obstructions, such as roof debris, bird nests or soot build-up;
  • Check the furnace burners – they need to be clean and rust-free, otherwise they will fail to operate properly;
  • Oiling the blower – the small motor will have a lot of work to do during the winter, therefore it needs proper lubrication;
  • Uncover heating vents – all your vents need to be free, so you need to remove any objects in front of them that would block the way of the air.

Fall is the time to think about closing down the air conditioner and getting the furnace ready to start up.  The Denver HVAC professionals can get these tasks performed with ease, get on their schedule today!