Winter Furnace Maintenance

Winter Furnace Repair

Preparing your furnace for the cold season involves identifying possible defects that can lead to accidents: checking the heaters (they must not be covered, otherwise they may cause fires), checking the gas and water supply as well as their pressure, checking the batteries from the thermostat, checking valves from radiators, as well as the pipes and the exhaust flue, cleaning of the filters and scheduling professional periodic inspections.

Winter furnace maintenance brings the following benefits:

Reducing the risk of malfunctioning

If you carry out the necessary maintenance operations, you will reduce to zero the chances that it will fail when you need it most. The furnace repair Denver CO maintenance services has the purpose of ensuring the good functioning during the cold season and long after.

Optimization the fuel consumption

There are several tricks that can help you optimize the consumption of your furnace. One simple but effective solution is shutting down the furnace when no one is home. However, if the outside temperatures are extremely low, you can set the thermostat to start at lower temperatures than when you are at home. This way you can be sure that the furnace will start periodically and exclude the risk of freezing pipes..