Why Would Your Gas Furnace Pilot Light Go Out?

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When the pilot light goes out on your aging gas furnace, you already know something might be wrong. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, it can be any number of issues, but the most common one is an inefficiently burning flame.


This happens when something – either as a result of the gas or a problem with the system itself – causes the flame to burn unevenly and without its usual efficiency. The thermocouple then senses the problem and turns off the gas valve. This also leads to the pilot light going out, indicating that the malfunction has occurred.


Since the pilot light is basically just a small flame that’s also being fed by the same gas pipe that fuels your furnace’s main heat source, any and all issues regarding gas flow and burning efficiency will likely result in the pilot light going out. A malfunctioning thermocouple can also be the culprit, as it might cause the pilot light to go out without any significant reason. Finally, mild dirt buildup around the pilot light or even a stronger draft can also put out the pilot light in some cases.


Most furnaces will have instructions that help you go through the simple procedure of relighting your pilot light. If the light goes out repeatedly, or if you can’t light it back up despite following all the instructions to the letter, make sure to contact your local furnace repair experts at Https://pasterkamp.com, as there could be a real problem with the thermocouple or the heating system itself.