Why Is One Room Colder than the Other?

HVAC steps one room cold the others not contractors resolve

It is one of the most unpleasant experiences during the winter: you go from one room to another and feel a sudden chill. Why don’t they have the same temperature? After all, the thermostat is set for the same temperature all over the house.


There are several explanations for this situation and talking with any of the HVAC Contractors Denver has can help determine the problem. Here are the most common ones:


  1. The Airflow Is Not Balanced Properly

Your HVAC system allows you to set the airflow for each room. If a room receives more warm air, it will reach the set temperature quicker. It is possible that you set a higher airflow for a room you use more frequently. Thus, the airflow is reduced from the adjacent room.


  1. The Air Filters Are Dirty

Air filters allow warm air, free of debris and bacteria, to enter the room. If they have not been cleaned or replaced for a long time, they are clogged with dirt. Thus, they will restrict the airflow into the respective room.


  1. There Is a Problem with the Insulation

In many cases, the HVAC unit works just fine, but you are loosing heat from poorly insulated windows. The simplest solution to fix this problem is to apply insulating foam to the window frames. It is available as self-adhesive rolls, very easy to install by anyone.