Why Does It Seem so Difficult to Regulate the Temperature in Your Office?

Regulate Office Temperature With Pasterkamp Services

A lot of times, employees complain that it’s too hot or too cold. If you own a company, you probably already know how irritating that must get. However, aside from the fact that uneven temperatures around the office are annoying for both the employer and the employees, the fact remains that productivity and health can also suffer a great deal as a result of this issue.


The main reason why it seems like a difficult thing to regulate office temperature is that some areas might be more shielded than others. Considering better insulation and new windows can be a good course of action to prevent your office from losing heat.


It’s also possible that some cubicles or desks might be closer to the exit, so you’ll naturally feel more of a draft when you sit there. Rearranging the layout of your office to prevent that can be a practical course of action.


Finally, a prevalent issue is also that some employees run around more than others. As a result, while those who are more idle – perhaps spending more time on the computer – will feel colder, the ones who keep walking around the office from one workstation, phone or fax machine to the other, will naturally feel much warmer. A possible resolution could be to buy better ergonomic furniture and chairs that can maintain a warm temperature longer.

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