When Is The Best Time To Turn On Your Furnace In Colorado

winter warmth furnace repair time to do it

With winter setting in across Colorado, many homeowners wonder whether they should turn on their furnace. However, they also consider the higher energy bills they will get. Thus, some people believe in waiting until they really need to heat up the room.


This is not a solution. Instead, here is what you need to know about the best time to turn on the furnace in Colorado:


  1. Monitor Indoor Temperature

The ideal temperature in your house is around 18-21 degrees Celsius. This is what you should set your thermostat to. The furnace will work when it is necessary to raise the existing temperature to the value you set.


  1. Don’t Let Your House Cool Down

Waiting until you feel the cold? That is not a smart idea. If your house (including the walls) cools down below a comfortable level, the furnace will work for a longer time to heat up your home. Thus, waiting to turn on the furnace to save money will actually end up costing you more.


  1. Outdoor Temperature Is Not a Relevant Indicator

Some people say that as soon as the temperature outside is below 10 degrees Celsius, they turn on the furnace. This is not a reliable indicator. A well insulated house will stay warmer for longer. Contrary, a poorly insulated building will feel cool even when the outdoor temperature appear acceptable.  For some of the best advice in furnace operations talk to the professionals at Pasterkamp in Denver for reliable information.