When Is It Time to Look for a New AC?

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A new AC is usually pretty expensive. If you need to buy a new one, you might have to know about it in advance so you can prepare for the financial hurdle associated with the purchase. Whether that represents getting a loan or saving money in your deposit, your new air conditioning unit can require time to fund, so it’s important to be prepared for the old one to fail and to consult an expert in the matter as soon as possible.


The first thing to consider is the age of your AC. Most units will not last longer than about 15 years, even if they’re among the most robust and well-designed on the market. So if your AC is around 10-15 years old, you have to start thinking about getting it replaced. First, consult one of the best Denver HVAC companies around and ask them to inspect your old AC unit for damage. They can also recommend measures for prevention and possible upgrades that could extend the life of your AC enough to give you time to prepare.


Alternatively, even if your AC unit isn’t that old, it’s important to have it checked out occasionally, especially if it shows signs of inefficiency or damage. Some signs can include the unit using up more power, failing to cool as well as it used to, or causing strange sounds or odors while it’s operating. Each of these symptoms could indicate that the unit might be failing. If you notice any of them, call on your local air conditioner Denver area maintenance & repair professionals as soon as possible.