When Is It the Right Time to Turn On Your Furnace for the Winter?

technician working on thermostat setting furnace repair done

It might seem straightforward that turning on your furnace should be done before the arrival of winter. But when is it the best time to start thinking about it? This question is typically answered differently depending on where you live, as the climate differences might dictate a different time for the onset of freezing temperatures (or just colder temperatures, for milder climates).


If you live in places like Colorado, or in the north of the country, then you might have to consider having your HVAC checked out sooner than in most places. The reason is that it’s not uncommon to see the first snow setting in around November, and sometimes freezing temperatures set in sooner than expected. As a result, it’s good to have your Denver furnace repair done and ready to go if there are any temperature drops by mid November.


For homeowners living farther South, this isn’t usually such a big requirement, but the months of November and December can still bring cooler weather even in places where it never (normally) snows. In those areas, you can consider waiting for late November, although with global warming creating so many chaotic weather changes, most experts will typically agree that it’s better to still exercise caution and have your furnace ready by the beginning of November.