What Type of Warranty Comes With a New Furnace?

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You decided to install a high performance furnace to keep your home warm. It is a significant investment, so you want to know that you receive adequate warranty for it. In case of such specialized equipment, which requires professional installation, there are several types of warranties offered to clients:


  1. The Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty covers the equipment itself. The warranty covers faulty components or defects in the manufacturing and assembly processes. However, please note that this is a limited warranty, which covers specific situations. You will not qualify for a furnace replacement or free repair in every case when the equipment breaks down. It is important to read the manufacturer’s statement of warranty carefully and note what it covers.


  1. The Installer’s Warranty

As we already said, furnaces require installation by a licensed specialist. Any reputable Denver HVAC contractor will offer warranty for the workmanship. It is very important to make sure you get it, because furnace malfunction may be frequently caused by poor installation.


  1. Extended Warranty

Since you expect to use the furnace for at least 15 years, it makes sense to purchase extended warranty. It will cover expensive repairs or parts replacement in the future. This type of optional warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the equipment. In some cases, contractors offer warranty plans that include annual inspection and maintenance.