What Type of Backup Can You Put in Place If Your Furnace Goes Out?

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Having a good furnace is essential to getting through the winter without a hitch. The main issue is that, either due to manufacturing faults or poor maintenance, your furnace can easily go out and you might need to have it repaired. While you can do so, valuable time can be wasted, especially if your furnace stops working right before the winter and you live in a somewhat remote area where it’s hard to find an Denver HVAC contractor at that time of the week.


As such, it’s a good idea to have a backup for your furnace. Typically, that can range from a backup heater using propane to an electric heater that might provide you with the heat you need, but at a greater cost.


Using electricity for heating is not too cheap. In fact, compared to burning just about any type of natural gas, an electric heater will use up a lot more of your hard-earned income than you might even have anticipated. The one time when an electric heater is efficient as a backup is if you live in a relatively small place, or if your insulation is exceptional and you’re not likely to lose too much heat through the exterior walls, the windows or the attic.