What Should You Really Know About the Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor Air Pollution Causes

Since we spend a lot of time inside, we have large homes, and we aren’t always able to take care of problems such as dirty carpets and replacing old furniture in time, indoor air pollution has become a real thing. Not only that it’s more prevalent than ever, but it also affects both adults and children to a significant extent these days.


Allergens constitute one of the major risks and drawbacks of a home that isn’t properly cleaned. If you don’t have hypoallergenic items and cleaning products, chances are you and your family are exposed to allergens on a regular basis. Some adults and many children are severely affected by allergies, and they need a cleaner and safer environment in order to thrive, as well as all of your homes appliances and hvac systems.  It’s important to have an air conditioning repair technician out to clean the AC unit as well as the furnace and ducts.


Carbon monoxide pollution is one of the most dangerous types of indoor pollution, and it typically involves the burning of certain types of fuel. Gas powered water heaters, leaking chimneys, gasoline powered generators and tobacco smoke are just some of the major sources of CO that you can find in your home.


VOCs are probably the most common types of indoor air pollutants you have come across. They involve a variety of airborne substances, and they typically appear when certain organic solids and fluids are used that emit VOCs as gases. You have to watch out for organic paint, varnishes, solvents, cleaning products and other organic substances that might feature the risk of VOCs.