What Makes A Smart Home Energy System Smart?

Smart Home Energy System Still Needs Furnace Repairman

A smart home is a residential building in which the lighting, heating, cooling, entertainment and security systems as well as larger or smaller electronic appliances are controlled remotely, through a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Homes can vary in terms of how “smart” they are – in some buildings, only one or two sub-systems are managed through smart devices, while others use a complex network of integrated systems.

The technology was launched in the second half of the 1970’s, after the release of the X10 protocol for home automation. The protocol used digital information sent through a specific radio frequency to communicate with the programmable outlets and switches used in homes, but it did not become widely used due to the unsuitability of electrical wiring for transmitting noise-free radio signals. The technology was further refined and developed and as a result, the technology that used wireless signals sent through electric wiring was launched in 2005. Tech companies continued developing smart systems and started integrating smart mobile devices with household systems through the internet. Modern smart home systems today can be controlled safely and easily through the world wide web from anywhere, even from thousands of miles away from the home and the technology is likely to evolve even further in the future.

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