What Is The Most Efficient Furnace?

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When you start looking for a new furnace, you have several aspects in mind: quality, cost and energy efficiency. Speaking of the latter aspect, you will see that most units have one of the two levels of energy efficiency: 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) and 95% AFUE. It appears a simple decision: 95% is bigger than 80% ,  so that’s that.


In reality, things are more complicated, because the two types of furnaces work in different ways. Here is a breakdown for you:


  1. 80% AFUE Furnaces

This type of furnace relies on open combustion to burn natural gas. This, it sucks air from around it. Since furnaces are installed indoors, it means that the furnace will utilize the air inside your home for combustion.


Thus, an 80% AFUE furnace is recommended if you can install it in a well ventilated space – any room with at least one window. If your furnace is located in the crawl space or attic, it may pose a safety hazard, because the exhaust fumes will be discharged in an enclosed, unventilated space,


  1. 95% AFUE Furnaces

This model of furnace uses air from outside for combustion. Thus, it is an ideal solution for buildings where the heating unit is installed in an enclosed space. At the same time, if your furnace exhausts fumes through a chimney, the 95% AFUE furnace is the safer choice, in case the chimney is clogged.  Get on the schedule with a Denver furnace repair company to see which option works best for your situation.