What Is the Best Sleeping Temperature You Can Consider Setting Your Thermostat to?

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There are a lot of sleep studies looking at various aspects of the mysterious process of sleeping. While some investigate sleep apnea, others consider the effects of various environmental conditions on sleep. When it comes to temperature, this is a very big deal. Slight deviations in temperature values can lead to people sleeping better or worse. While a single bad night isn’t enough to cause much of a problem, prolonged sleeping problems can lead to fatigue and oftentimes difficult health-related conditions as well.


Sleep issues can be avoided by turning your thermostat to about 18.3 C (or 65 F) degrees. Although this value might vary from one person to another, the general consensus is that it’s important to have the temperature in your bedroom somewhere between 60 F and 67 F. That way, you have an optimal environment for sleeping, without worrying that the temperature is too hot or too cold.


Of course, there are factors that might end up varying your body’s temperature despite having the thermostat at the correct value. Wearing overly thick clothing or failing to cover yourself properly during the night can usually end up exposing your body to higher or lower temperatures than recommended. So the idea is to use these temperatures wisely, while also making sure that you have on some comfortable clothing and a good blanket to cover yourself with.  For smart thermostat installation, look to the professionals at Pasterkamp in Denver.