What Is Preventative Maintenance For My AC System?

Air conditioning repair system Maintenance

When done by a skilled professional, preventative maintenance for your AC system can help you avoid certain problems. It is better to do the preventative maintenance in the spring, than to have to solve issues with your AC when the weather is hot.

One thing that a hired technician does is to check the electrical wiring and connections. Loose connections and worn wires can lead to power loss and a dysfunctional AC system.

Replacing other worn parts such as belts or pulleys can save your AC, while also saving you money and stress.

Another issue that an AC system may have is the dirty coils. There are basically two types of coils included in your AC, namely evaporator coils, in charge with removing the heat from the air in a room, and condenser coils, which help release the heat outside the building. Depending on the location of your AC system, these coils should be cleaned at least in the spring season, if not even more often.

Debris and dirt can also get accumulated in the drain pan and drain lines, causing your AC system to go down.

No matter the problem, preventative maintenance for your AC system by a certified air conditioning repair Denver technician is always recommended.