What Is High Velocity Cooling?

High velocity cooling systems are very similar to conventional air conditioners, but they cool down the air and filter it to remove contaminants much more quickly. These powerful units achieve rapid air movement and filtering by replacing the drawing movement used by conventional air conditioners with aspiration to create constant air currents in the room. Here are some of the most important features of high-velocity coolers that can help you decide whether the solution is right for you:

  • Simpler ducts – high-velocity coolers are usually smaller units that don’t require the extensive and complicated ductwork used by conventional units;
  • Increased cooling speed – as the name suggests, these systems are very efficient and they take much shorter to cool the air inside than conventional AC;
  • Better air quality – high-velocity units clean the air more efficiently and their humidity-removal features are 30% more efficient than in the case of conventional units;
  • Lower costs – high-velocity units use much less energy than conventional AC and they also require much less maintenance and repair to stay functional;
  • Lower noise levels – high-velocity cooling units are also more silent than standard AC;
  • They can be used for cooling as well as for heating, for maintenance talk with https://www.pasterkamp.com/heating/denver-furnace-repairs/.