What Is a Manufacturer Warranty and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

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Manufacturer warranties are available for every product that was created by a licensed and reliable manufacturer. This type of warranty, unlike the seller’s warranty, is limited to manufacturing flaws and the complications resulting from them.


If, for instance, your new washing machine breaks down because of a common malfunction, the seller might consider having it repaired or replaced for you. However, if the malfunction has resulted from a design flaw, then it can fall under the category of a manufacturing fault and be covered by your manufacturer warranty.


It’s important to know that, for example, spilling coffee on your laptop will not fall under a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, if you overwork one of your electronic devices or install third party apps on your phone and manage to wreck the operating system to an irreparable extent, these issues will not be included as part of the problems covered by a legal warranty.


Technicians can often check to see if the problem was caused by the user or by a manufacturing flaw. As a result, it’s safe to say that trying to trick the technician into believing that your device broke because of a manufacturing flaw will usually not work. If, however, you have video evidence that the device was damaged as a result of a manufacturing flaw, that can play in your favor.  For HVAC technicians, see https://pasterkamp.com.