What Is a Good Temperature Range for Your Home During Winter?

furnace repair done woman setting thermostat nice and warm

Figuring out what temperature to set your thermostat to can be a real pain. If you haven’t lived in a colder climate before, and you just moved into your new home, it might be difficult to figure out what temperature is actually best for the new area you moved to.


Of course, you can ask your neighbors or look it up online, but in many cases the different answers you will find could be confusing and contradictory. Some people might set their temperature higher because they can’t cope well with the cold, while others might want to set it lower to save money.  Having a furnace repair Denver CO inspect your furnace prior to colder weather can add to the efficiency of your heating your home as well.


There are a few pointers you can use to ensure that you can reach the ideal temperature for you:


  1. Start at around 22° C during the day and 19° C at night, but aim to gradually reduce the temperature to about 20° C during daytime hours and 17° C during the night, if you want to save energy.
  2. Always adapt the temperature gradually, and avoid going too high when it’s very cold outside. Doing so can put your body under a lot of stress as it attempts to manage the large temperature differences between being staying indoors and being outside. When you go out, you can easily catch a cold if your body gets used too much to hot temperatures.
  3. Don’t lower the temperature more than 3-5 degrees when you go out. Depending on how cold it is outside, your home will take longer to warm up again, and some of your more fragile electronics and items might even be damaged.