What Is a Gas Forced Air Furnace?

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A gas-operated forced air furnace is a heating unit that collects cool air through ducts, heats it with the help of the energy generated using natural gas or propane and distributes the air in the spaces to be heated. The most important components of the forced air furnaces operated with gas include the following:

  • The thermostat – the temperature-activated switch turns on the furnace when the temperature reaches the lower limit set for the thermostat and turns it off when the higher temperature limit is reached;
  • The fan – this component plays a part in the process drawing in the air from the outside and mixing it with gas to enable combustion and it is essential for venting exhaust gases;
  • The burners – the unit burns the gas through these tube-like components. They comprise a gas valve, an igniter and a flame sensor as well;
  • The heat exchanger – the cold air that is drawn into the furnace is heated in metal tubes heated by the gas combusted in the heat exchanger. Any damage sustained by the part will let gas leak into the air in the space around the furnace;
  • The flue – the vents of the flue collect the combusted gases and conducts them outside to keep the air inside safe.

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